You deserve a website that works as hard as you do.

With a dedicated team to understand and support you online.

We're a Women-Led Company on a Mission

to make other women-led businesses and social enterprises stand out online, like a Unicorn in a field of horses.


Our Formula.

a.k.a. how we make your brand and website work hard for you online.



We analyze where you are with your branding, website, and online presence. We listen to your business goals to uncover where you want to be. Then we develop a strategy to get you there.


We build sustainable solutions for your brand, website, and online strategy that lead to revenue streams by maximizing the potential your business and workflows online.


We stay connected with you to support your online presence by maintaining your website, monitoring your progress, and making recommendations for improvements. When you're ready to grow some more, we are too.

Our Methods.

A joyful experience from start to finish. Here's what you can expect.


Think of us like an extension of your team. We use a transparent process and touch base frequently. Your input along the way is sought and your feedback is valued.


You get guidance at all times backed by decades of experience. We become your trusted allies in the process so you'll never wonder if you missed something or made the right choices.


We're not interested in pretty for the sake of pretty (although, we do like pretty). We're more interested in results. Because results bring you revenue. And to us, that's beautiful.


You need to focus on your business, not your website. We support you and your vision whole-heartedly so you can succeed online without worrying about the techy stuff.

Our Work.

A sample of some projects we've done for our clients. We work primarily with women-led businesses and social enterprises who benefit from having a team of Unicorns to support their organization.

How our clients feel about us.

Our Google Rating

5 stars from Google
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Geek Unicorn designed a stellar logo for my business. I couldn’t have imagined it looking any better.

James M.
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Geek Unicorn gave me the rainbow unicorn website I’d been dreaming about – and they made the whole process easy and joyful! So glad I chose them to take my website to the next level!

Melanie T.
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Geek Unicorn *really* knows their stuff and delivers information in an energetic and fun way. I’m grateful for what I’ve learned from them about how to create a stronger internet presence.

Nicki I.

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Empowering Women-Led Businesses

Our focus is on closing the financial gender gap by working with women-led enterprises. To us, those are businesses or organizations that love working with and employing all genders and non-binary folks, while demonstrating equity to those who identify as women and contribute to their economic advancement. We believe that when women succeed, the economy flourishes, the next generation thrives, and non-profits are empowered to do more good in the world.

To us, women-led means a business or organization that meets one or more of the following:


or more owned by a woman or women


or more women on the board of directors


or more women in chief leadership positions


of the product or service directly contributes to the economic advancement of women

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