About Geek Unicorn

It was 3:00AM in 1996.

I was a teenager staying up all night building websites about Star Trek fan fiction after teaching myself how to do it. Clearly, I was a total geek. Cut to 2017 and Geek Unicorn was born out of that passion for design and technology.

What if…

What if you could have a professional brand and website without sourcing and managing multiple freelancers, without guessing if your website can be found by clients, and without worrying if you’d get a return on your investment?


Imagine attracting the customers you want online automatically while lounging on a beach enjoying a glass of champagne in celebration of how well your business has done, thanks in part to your strong brand and web presence.

Hi, I’m Rachel

I’m the Chief Unicorn at Geek Unicorn, and I’ve spent the last 10 years of my career online. Through web development, branding, and search engine optimization strategy, I help businesses elevate to a professional playing field by creating websites that make money through user focused design and visibility on searches.

I can help you if…

You’re ready to invest in your business. It is not a side hustle. You’ve got bills to pay and people who rely on your success. You already know clients love your service, but you need a polished look and more visibility. The problem is you don’t know who to turn to. Most freelancers specialize in just one skill and many larger companies can make you feel like you’re just another sale to fill their quota.

I offer a better way to build your business online with a personal experience, getting to know you and how you want your clients to feel. Then applying my big-picture focus and the skills needed to create a brand and website that reflects your commitment to being the best in your industry.

So let’s grab a drink and cheers to the magical transformation of your brand and online presence into something…

…even Unicorns would envy.