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Geek Unicorn

It was 3:00am in 1996...

I was a teenager staying up all night building websites. They were mostly about Star Trek and astronomy. Clearly, I was a total geek. After spending over a decade of my career on all-things online including digital media, search engine optimization, social media management, graphic design, and web development, I launched Geek Unicorn Inc. in January 2017 out of a passion for design and technology.

Hi, I'm Rachel.

I'm applying my expertise in all things digital to help close the financial gender-gap by doing one-on-one work exclusively with women-driven businesses. Because when women succeed financially, they help shift the cultural landscape in politics, education, and philanthropy.

You need a unicorn...

Through visual branding, web development, and online visibility, Geek Unicorn elevates businesses to compete at the highest professional level. We help businesses dominate the online playing field by creating websites that make money through user-focused design and maximizing visibility on searches.

We can help you if...

We can help you if you’re ready to invest in your business. It is not a side hustle. You’ve got a healthy income and people who rely on your success. You already know clients love your service, but you need a polished look and more prominent exposure. The problem is you don’t know who to turn to. Most freelancers specialize in just one skill and many larger companies can make you feel like you’re just another sale to fill their quota.

We offer a better way to build your business online with a personal experience, getting to know you and how you want your clients to feel. We then apply our big-picture focus and the skills needed to create a brand and website that reflect your commitment to being the best in your industry.

So let’s grab a drink and cheers to the magical transformation of your brand and your online presence into something…

...even unicorns would envy.


What makes a Geek Unicorn?

A holistic variety of experience in all things design and digital

I've had the privilege of learning and working in a lot of different mediums all my life. Because of the rich variety of skills I've become proficient in over the years, I can easily switch through all the micro elements that go into the big picture of building an online presence.

Normally, a digital marketing team needs a web designer, graphic designer, copywriter, digital marketer, multi-media producer, project manager, and both creative and techy people. I'm all those things rolled into one. That's what makes me the Geek Unicorn.

Don't be invisible any longer.

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