Been There, Done That Series: Designers Are Worth It

We’re sitting down with Seanna Thomas of The Nutritionnaire for another installment of our Been There, Done That Series where we feature entrepreneurs who have been through branding, web development, and online brand management before. Even though Thomas had a creative vision for her website and logo, she hired out to execute the vision.

Seanna Thomas started The Nutritionnaire with a passion to help busy Moms and families find a realistic and stress-free balance surrounding mealtimes. As a Mom of three and Holistic Nutritionist, she knows the struggles of picky eating; and the phases kids go through with food. Through her meal plans, workshops and programs, Moms get the help they need.

Why did you choose to hire a designer for your logo and website?

I know what I am good at, which means I also know what I am NOT good at-and designing logos and building websites is nowhere on my radar. I am happy to delegate tasks such as those to someone who IS good at it, so I can continue doing what I love, stress-free.

What impact do you feel a hiring a professional designer brought to your overall branding?

Professionalism and consistency. Personally, lowering my stress levels when it comes to the tech stuff.

FIND THE MONEY to pay someone and get [your logo and website] done properly. You’ll be SO HAPPY you did.

What were some important factors in deciding who to hire for your web/logo design?

I had worked previously with a designer who took the time to really understand my brand. After spending lots of time together, going over my likes, dislikes, colours, shapes, textures, competitors and such, the design that was presented to me was PERFECT. It was as though he was in my head! I knew when it came time to do more work in that department, this was the perfect person.

Do you have any words of advice for a business owner looking to invest in their website and brand?

Delegation is so important. I’m a creative person and the tech stuff would take me months to do. Even in the beginning, FIND THE MONEY to pay someone and get it all done properly. You’ll be SO HAPPY you did.

Anything else you’d like to include?

When looking for someone to design your logo, make sure you really jive. It’s important they really understand who YOU are, your business, and what you’re looking for. Also-be upfront. If it’s not right and you don’t love it, be honest. The perfect designer should want to make it perfect.

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