How to create a Google review link you can send to clients

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Wouldn’t it be nice to get a ton of reviews on your Google business page? Of course! Wouldn’t it be even better to have a ton of 5 star reviews on your Google business page? Hell ya. You probably know how important having a Google Business page is to increase your search engine optimization and social proof, which leads to …

How to apply HTTPS to your website and improve SEO

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I get sad when I see websites without a secure lock beside their URL in the address bar. Because for most small business owners, it is EASY and FREE to get a secure lock plus it improves your search engine optimization (SEO). Bigger sites like Amazon or The Huffington Post may take a little more precautions in planning how to …

Been There, Done That Series: Designers Are Worth It

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We’re sitting down with Seanna Thomas of The Nutritionnaire for another installment of our Been There, Done That Series where we feature entrepreneurs who have been through branding, web development, and online brand management before. Even though Thomas had a creative vision for her website and logo, she hired out to execute the vision. Seanna Thomas started The Nutritionnaire with …

How I Secure My Wordpress Website Banner

How I secure my WordPress website

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Wordpress security is overwhelmingly the biggest fear small business owners have about using WordPress. But most developers still recommend WordPress. Your friends might too, depending on how comfortable they are with it. Admittedly many people choose Wix or Squarespace because the visual editor is easier (although you can get visual editors for WordPress too). I also recommend WordPress for those …

Been There, Done That Series: Rebranding Hip Mommies

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Have you stopped to think of how your logo, website, content, and social media presence are representing your unique value in the marketplace? These elements make up your brand – the essence of what your business is about. A good brand strategy and design can convey in a moment the core of your business, and attract your ideal client. If …

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How to hide your address from Google My Business Page

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A Google Business Page can help you with your search engine optimization, and develop social proof for your business. But maybe you work from home, and don’t want clients walking up your garden path and knocking on your door. Because if you’re like me, you haven’t thought to shower today, have zero makeup on, and likely rocking sweatpants with a …

Rachel from Geek Unicorn answers is SEO worth it

Is SEO worth the investment?

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Sometimes it feels like SEO (short for search engine optimization) is a buzzword that frightens small business owners. But SEO is a valuable strategy in the overall brand presence of any business. Many want to know – is SEO worth overcoming the hurdles to learn it or worth paying for it? The answer is in your current website conversion rate. …

how to pick the perfect blog post topic

How to pick the perfect blog post topic

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You know you’re supposed to blog to bring traffic to your website, provide value to your clients, and help your SEO. But what the heck do you blog about? Watch the video for two methods that will help you find popular blog topics. Share this Post Rachel built her first website when she was 15 years old. In 2011 she …