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Improve your business with a focused session to uncover digital revenue streams, better funnels, and define your online presence strategy.

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Rachel Di

Hi, I'm Rachel.

I've been building websites for 25 years. I've spent my career touching all things online, including sales & marketing, consumer technologies, and communications. I'm excited to activate the full potential of your online presence and website by uncovering extra revenue streams and making workflows more efficient. In this 2-hour focused session, we'll improve your business together by finding solutions that work for you and your brand, regardless of where you're starting from.

Let's do this.

Things we can improve

This is your session to tackle whatever you feel is most important. Here are some areas we might cover.

Extra Revenue

Most business owners we work with aren't aware of the revenue potential available through their website, or they're overwhelmed with options. We'll sit down and go over your products and services to extract hidden gems of extra income and the best methods to set them up.

Online Presence

Online presence includes your social media, search engine management, and marketing. It is more important than ever to have a healthy online presence, yet most people are throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something will stick. Together, we'll come up with an effective strategy that works best for you and your brand.

Lead Gen.

Your website is only worth the people it brings you. We can identify your top performing pages and help find solutions to bring more leads in.


There are so many ways to automate sales, funnels, and workflows that free up your time and help your clients move through your service seamlessly. But with so many options, it can be overwhelming. If you sense there must be a better way, let's find a solution for you.

Website Health

Wondering if there's something wrong with your website? Or you want to know how to bring more people to your site? We can take some time to look at your website health, uncover any red-flags, and give you recommendations for improvements.


Much of my career has operated within sales and marketing. And I'm a third-generation marketer. Yep, my grandparents and both parents have all had successful careers in sales and marketing. If you have questions or want solutions, I'm your gal.

Success Stories

Below are some nuggets of success our clients have enjoyed after working one-on-one with us.


in extra revenue from digital subscribers

25% of sales

now come organically (without ads) through online search


in their first year bootstrapping a service-based business


in less than one month from an evergreen course launch

What would extra revenue and an optimized website mean for you and your business?

Your Investment

This is a 2-hour, one-to-one dive into your business and online presence that is part consulting, part coaching, and all value. Our goal is to give you actionable ways too make back your investment through the discoveries of our discussion together.


One-time payment + applicable tax. Canadian dollars.

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One-time payment + applicable tax. Canadian dollars.


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What our clients say

I can’t wait to put all these new tools/tips & tricks into play! I highly recommend Rachel, she is a wizard… or unicorn đŸ˜‰


Rachel is a tech genius and all-around good human! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion with the world.


Rachel is super friendly, insightful and clear. She has an incredible amount of knowledge, and has various strategies and quick tips that make learning enjoyable and fun. Thank-you Rachel!


Rachel has a unique way of instantly ‘getting’ what you are trying to achieve in your business. She makes techy stuff extremely accessible by avoiding jargon. A true blessing when you have a million things you are trying to understand as a business owner.


Rachel was able to point me to a right direction and helped to solve a roadblock that I had battled for days on end! I can Highly recommend her services!


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When you don't need a total overhaul on your brand or website, but could use some guidance that gets results.

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What we do: We'll perform an audit of your website and online presence, then you'll get a 1:1 consulting session to grab some actionable things you can do to improve.
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Perfect if you're ready for a great website that grows your business, but you don't need an extensive online strategy.

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What we do: We'll figure out what your website needs in order to grow. Then we'll execute a plan that fits your budget. Price varies based on the scope of the project.
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The Unicorn

When you're ready to activate the full potential of your brand online, from tip to tail.

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What we do: We're here to scale your business online from your visual branding, to your website, to your online presence. We'll be your experienced team to make it happen.
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