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Rachel Di Martino
Chief Unicorn

M1K Toronto, Ontario Canada

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Geek Unicorn completely rebuilt my website. I DIY’d my first website, but the difference is staggering. The amount of time and money I saved by having a pro do this…can mean faster return on investment and not wasting time learning how to do an ‘adequate’ job.Angela Grant Buechner, Nutmeg Consulting

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    I’m pretty active on the ol’ Facebook page. Come check it out.

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    I’m on Twitter. I don’t know why I’m still on Twitter. But I am.

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    My YouTube channel has some pretty rad tutorials.

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    It’s just food. Yes, seriously. My Instagram is all about what I ate today. But really pretty.

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    I’ve gone buck wild on Pinterest. Follow me if you’re a die hard crafter and wannabe chef