Geek Unicorn Update

COVID-19 Response

Updated March 18, 2020

During the COVID-19 situation, our top priority is the health and safety of our team members, clients, and community. We’re doing our best to stay aware and follow the advice and regulations of our municipality and health officials during this time. We support the approach of flattening the curve and doing our part to prevent infection to at-risk individuals or spreading the disease through our community. The following guidelines for Geek Unicorn are effective immediately, until further notice. Updates will be provided here.

Remote Work

Most of our team members are already work-from-home or remotely. Our team will continue this practice, excluding one of our team members who will continue to work from Geek Unicorn’s office for logistical purposes. That team member is under the following requirements: they do not take public transit, they wash their hands upon entering the building and arriving home and as needed, they are otherwise social distancing and monitoring their health.

Remote Meetings

Any scheduled in-person meetings will be rescheduled to an online virtual forum or by phone. Future meetings will be scheduled as virtual or phone meetings until further notice.

Office Closed to Public

The building our office is located in is normally accessible to the public during office hours. Effective immediately until further notice, our building, and Geek Unicorn’s office are closed to the public.

Notice at Entrances

Our building has a self-assessment notice at all entrances. This is to help educate and inform all occupants and their guests. Those who are experiencing common COVID-19 symptoms are kindly asked not to enter the building but contact Telehealth Ontario or their health provider. There is no security enforcement of this policy at this time. It is a self-assessment operating on the honor system.

Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation have been Monday to Thursday 10 am-3 pm EST for a long time, but we often start much earlier and end much later. Now we will honor our set working hours. We are recommending reduced hours to provide our team with space to take care of themselves, their family, and their communities. We are NOT reducing salaries or pay for our team members. We are simply ensuring our team has adequate time to invest in their physical and mental well-being. We do not anticipate our project timelines will be impacted by this decision, but we are monitoring this carefully.

Business as Usual

We are still operating during this time. Our hosting plans and monthly support plans are still being monitored and serviced 24/7. We are still available for new and existing projects. If you’d like to talk about a new project, please contact us to arrange a virtual meeting.

Financial Deferment

We are offering our clients financial deferment and payment plans to those who are being impacted financially by this global situation. If you’re interested in receiving an alternate payment plan or deferment, please contact us right away.

Rachel Di Martino

Owner, Geek Unicorn Inc.