How to add a user to your Google Analytics

Instructions for adding a user to your Google Analytics account so they can assess and manage the information to help you grow online.

  1. Sign into your Google Analytics at
  2. Select the “Admin” gear icon in the bottom left corner
  3. Under “Property” in the middle column, select the down arrow to choose your website (aka “Property”)
  4. Once the correct Property is selected, click “User Management”
  5. Press the “+” icon in the upper right
  6. Click “Add users”
  7. Enter email address in the “enter email address” field (note: the email must be associated with a Google account)
  8. Ensure “Notify new users by email” is checked
  9. Check mark desired permissions. Usually “Edit”, “Read & Analyze”, and “Collaborate” is for users who will help manage your data and set goals
  10. Click “Add” in the upper right

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