How to hide your address from Google My Business Page

A Google Business Page can help you with your search engine optimization, and develop social proof for your business.

But maybe you work from home, and don’t want clients walking up your garden path and knocking on your door. Because if you’re like me, you haven’t thought to shower today, have zero makeup on, and likely rocking sweatpants with a Star Wars t-shirt. Don’t judge me.

Me, right now. Actually wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and sweat pants. It’s Saturday, ok?!

Here’s how to hide the address from Google Business Page


Head over to and select “manage location” if you don’t open up on the business page right away.

Select “EDIT” button in the upper right.


Click the pencil icon next to your address


Near the bottom, you’ll see a statement that reads: “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location”. Select “Yes”.

What it’s asking, is “do people have to come to you, or do you go to them?” In this case, you want to say you go to them – because you don’t want strangers to know where your address is. That’s not to say clients can’t come to your house after you’ve developed a relationship with them. You’re indicating that you want to disclose your address privately on a case-per-case basis.


Uncheck “I also serve customers at my business address”…. This give the option to say you deliver AND people can come to your address. But you want to hide your address, so you’ll uncheck this option.

Under “My business delivers goods & services to customers within this area” you can fill in the region you operate in if you have local delivery or a service based business for a particular region.


Select “apply” to save the changes.


This is what it looks like on Google when you’re all done hiding your address from the public on your Google Business Page.

You can see the region of my services is highlighted for the public, and I can not hit “street view” to see my actual house.

Hope that helped you today! Share these tips with your business friends on social media.

xo Rachel

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