Reasons to support women-led businesses

Mar 2020

Supporting women-led businesses is near to our hearts because Geek Unicorn is owned and operated by women and we work mostly with women-owned businesses.

To us, women-led businesses or organizations are those that enjoy employing and working with all genders, but are 50% or more owned by women, and/or have 50% or more women on their board of directors, and/or employ 50% or more women in leadership roles, and/or whose products directly contribute to the financial benefit of women.

Our reason for supporting women-led businesses is because we believe when you support women financially, you improve entire communities. In case you don’t believe us, here are a number of reasons to consider supporting women-led businesses too.

Charitable Giving

According to a study by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, women tend to be more charitable than their male counterparts when they’re financially able. Supporting a women-led business means a portion of your investment is going to support local and international charities.

Better Economy

Various research shows women make over 70% of the household buying decisions. That means if Mama’s not buying because of her financial struggle, the overall economy suffers. A good economy (in theory) is good for everyone. Large businesses making the right amount of revenue means less layoffs and higher salaries for all and better opportunities for entry-level positions for youth.

Longer Impact

Women live 6 years longer than men, on average. When you support women-led businesses, you’re ensuring she is financially secure in her elder years. If she’s financially secure, she puts less strain on you as a tax payer because she’s able to financially support her own care in her senior years.

Higher Education

Women hold more Bachelor and Masters degrees than men. When you’re supporting a women-led business, you’re likely getting a team of smart, educated ladies making decisions and creating products that reflect the quality of their education.


Empathy is not something we immediately think of when choosing a business to support. But if you’ve ever had a customer service issue, you’ve craved some empathy from the other end. Science is still exploring why, but women tend to be more empathetic than men. Empathy means a women-led business will go that extra mile for you, because it seems they really do care more.

Community Support

Volunteers support your local community. They’re the force behind the local food drive, school events, animal shelters, tree plantings, beach clean ups, political campaigns, and so much more. Women volunteer more than men, and women in higher socio-economic brackets volunteer more than women in lower brackets. That means a financially stable woman is also making your community better through her volunteering.

Women’s Rights

Financially empowering women is central to women’s rights and closing the gender gap, according to the UN. Women’s rights are human rights. Regardless of your political affiliations or cultural background, I believe most of us support basic human rights. When you support women-led businesses, you’re championing women’s rights too.


The gender similarities hypothesis explores that there are more similarities between genders than there are differences. That means you’re likely not missing out on what’s important to you when choosing a women-led business. So why not choose a women-led business when there are so many good things that come from it?

Where can you find women-led businesses?

For starters, check out these directories and organizations featuring women-led businesses.

Did we miss a directory or organization that should be featured here? Let us know via our contact page or in the comments below.

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Rachel Mik
Rachel is a Marketing Coach from Toronto, Canada. She helps heart centered businesses and NFPs create their brand, website and an online presence that makes them stand out online, like a Unicorn in a field of horses.