Earners are learners. Because small business owners wear lots of hats, they need to learn even more than others to come ahead in their industry. Whether you want to DIY your website, social media, marketing, and/or SEO – or you want to know more about it so you can hire the right people and ask the right questions – our training can help.


We’ve already helped over 100 small business owners this year through one-on-one training and small group workshops.

Master your online presence to grow your business

Owner and Chief Unicorn, Rachel, is passionate about teaching others to master their online presence through learning how to update their own website, be confident about posting to social media, and rock their own SEO. She knows it takes years (and a lot of reading) to learn these things on your own. It’s faster, easier, and (way more) fun to have someone walk through it one-on-one. We were surprised to see how many entrepreneurs and small business owners are desperate for someone to show them how to do it. If that’s you, you are not alone and we’re here to help.

ways to train


Training right in your home or office if you’re in the Toronto area or video chat if your outside the GTA. The training is customized to you and your brand, your industry, your clients, and your online needs. There’s no cookie-cutter approach and no vague concepts. There are a lot of aspects that go into online presence and you can benefit from a wide range of knowledge. The focus is on making it easy and fun so you get the most out of it. You’ll save thousands of dollars per year hiring someone to do it when you can fast-track and learn how to do it yourself effectively.

Group Workshops

Leverage the power of group workshops to learn more about how to effectively manage your online presence. We cover a range of topics and typically have a workshop each month. Q&A always follows our workshops so you can get the specific answers you need tailored to your brand and industry.

If you’d like to host a workshop at your space or for your network, please contact us.


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Hi I’m Rachel

Want to rock your website, social media, and SEO?

Most small business owners are either doing it themselves, or closely managing someone who does. Either way, it’s better to know more about it so you can be more effective and convey what you need.