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Avoid the stress that comes from updating your own website, figuring out SEO, and not knowing who to turn to for getting all the stuff you need done online and in print for your business. Instead, you can have access to a variety of professional design and development services by being one of our regular clients. Get where you want to be online faster.

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Is this right for you?

Every website needs regular maintenance, security, monitoring, and updates. If you really want your business to grow, you need to be making new content, landing pages, email funnels, blog posts, etc. at least every month. But when it comes time to get it done, you’re either stuck doing it yourself, scrambling to find help, or contacting your “regular person” only to find out they’ve ghosted you (or they say “yes” but don’t actually do anything for several months – ugh!)

This service is right for you if you need regular projects covered like web design, digital graphics, Facebook ads, flyers, YouTube videos, etc. but hiring someone full time is probably overkill for the amount of work you need done. And sure, you *could* learn to do it yourself or work with multiple freelancers and agencies but who has the time to do all that? Why not have regular access to the same professionals each month to get these projects that are piling up done for you? You’ll have the benefit of working with the same team (who get to know and love your business as much as you do) plus you’ll save a ton of time and frankly – money.

You need reliable:

  • Website Updates
  • Website Security
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogs Posts and Optimization
  • Graphic Design Work
  • Digital Video Editing
  • Email Automation
  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Emergency Web Help
  • And More…

But you don’t want to:

  • Do it yourself
  • Try to learn it all
  • Waste time
  • Chase down freelancers
  • Project manage
  • Wait months for an update
  • Scramble for help

Our Solution

Regularly scheduled time each month over a 6 month period for our team of professionals to tackle the projects that are most important to your business growth. You tell us what you need, and we get it done quickly. It all adds up to less hassle and stress about your online presence by getting consistent access to our services and experts each month. You’ll experience growth for your business, and benefit from a professional look and feel on your website and your online networks.

hours per month
month minimum
per month

Services included

  • Web Design

    Want something changed or updated on your website? We’ve got you covered. We can do landing pages, blog posts, general content updates and more. Because we’re design savvy and technical, your website will stay fabulous

  • Graphic Design

    We’ve designed for all mediums, including digital, print, and video. If you have a graphic project – we can do that

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Stop guessing if you’re getting traffic from Google and rest assured your content is optimized to be found by new clients in a search. We can perform keyword research, results tracking, and optimize your content regularily

  • Digital Marketing

    Whatever you do online is a form of marketing. We come up with solutions for your business to be successful every step of the way

  • Video Editing & YouTube Optimization

    Heck ya we do video editing too. Videos are a huge part of digital marketing. We use Adobe Premiere and After Effects for professional results


60-Minute Strategy Session

We kick off our time together with a free 1 hour strategy session to clarify your goals and make sure we’re getting your business on the growth trajectory you want to see.

24 Hour Monitoring

24/7 security and performance monitoring with emergency assistance. We’re notified immediately if your site goes down or gets hacked, and we jump on a solution within 24 hours.

Maintenance and Security

Your website is kept up to date and secured with brute-force protection, security scans, daily backups and monthly plugin updates.

Regular Reports

You’ll get a comprehensive report each month that outlines the work we did, your website health, and your rankings in Google for certain keywords.

Unlimited Communications

If you have a question or need clarification, we’re happy to reply to your emails and we don’t charge for phone calls that are less than 15 minutes. We’re here for you without nickle and diming your business to death.

30-Minute Midway Session

At the 3 month mark, we’ll meet again for another strategy session to discuss your progress and see if any of your goals have changed.

“The amount of time and money I saved by having a pro do my website (probably one of the most important things when running a business nowadays!) can mean faster return on investment and not wasting time learning how to do an ‘adequate’ job” – Angela B.

How It works

You’re on our schedule for regular work each month

We focus on your business in a 3 hour block that repeats at the same day/time every month. For many small business owners, a three hour block is enough to get the support they need for the things on their website they have trouble doing themselves. For more ambitious projects or bigger businesses, multiple blocks can be purchased.

You tell us what projects you want done and we do them

Our list of services is fairly expansive. Anything we don’t cover, we have brilliant colleagues that we can coordinate with for an additional fee. We use a shared project list that you can check the progress of and add/remove tasks at any time.

You get updated on the progress and access to our experts

We want to be part of your team that makes you stand out online. And we want you to feel comfortable about your investment in working with us. That’s why you get a report each month that details your website health, SEO rank for certain keywords, and our timesheet to see what we were working on during the month. If you ever need to hop on the phone with us we’re happy to chat.

The Unicorn Pack



per month for 6 months

Feel like you don’t have enough projects each month? We default to things like SEO improvements, social media strategy, and maintenance. We know the stuff that needs done that are vital to growth. The advantage of working with us is tapping into the expertise of an online presence manager. There are things we can do to improve your business online even if you don’t realize it now.


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The Unicorn Service Package may be right for you. But before you decide, let’s connect to see if we’re a fit and get all your questions about the package answered.