Search Engine Optimization

We’ll help you develop a method to generate leads into your business online so other people can know about your greatness. We use a sweet combination of search engine optimization, content marketing, social media, and landing pages.


Pages that rank #1 on a search in Google receive 33% of the traffic. What would you do with 33% more traffic than your competition?

organic traffic to your website means more leads each month

This ain’t your average SEO strategy. Our resident SEO expert and Chief Unicorn Rachel has seen SEO change a lot since she started applying it in 2011. She was an early adopter of brand presence and content marketing to boost pages in search results. If that doesn’t mean anything to you that’s ok. She’s here to get it done for you and will be working to rank your business online to gain you more clients through your website.

what to expect

Long-term growth

We do a minimum of 12 weeks to ensure your strategy can be developed and implemented with the proper results. While fixing the technical aspects of your website to improve SEO is a relatively quick project, search engine management is a long-term strategy. We combine both to make sure you come up in search results.


We work with what you have to optimize your website and your content, or suggest alternatives if your website health is too poor. Most strategies include on-page optimization and content creation to start generating traffic and new ranking opportunities.

More sales

The heart of SEO is getting more eyeballs on your website, so you can generate more leads to your business. Our strategy includes a plan to bring people to your website. And we don’t mean random hits to your server from some off-shore country. These are real people who are part of your target market. That means more sales each month. We like the sound of that.

Hi I’m Rachel

Need a steady flow of clients to your website?

I would love to help your business leverage search engines like Google to bring more visitors to your website. That means more leads for you, which means more sales each month. That sounds good to me.